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Creamy and Delicious

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Chocked full of nuts

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Reusable packaging

Traditional Nougat with delicious creamy New Zealand Dairy

One is never enough

Peanut or Almond.

Our artisanal confectioner begins the task of preparing a new batch of Nougat.

Exact quantities of quality ingredients are carefully measured.

Fresh nuts are roasted for each batch  to ensure the freshest taste.

Fresh egg white are whipped and hot toffee is added to cook off the egg whites to create our Nougat base.

the remaining ingredients are        mixed in then our freshly                           roasted nuts.                                           

preparing the trays for the nougat, rice paper is laid along the bottom and sides.                       

the nougat is poured into the                                 tray.                                                                       

then rolled out to ensure even distribution and setting.                 

Finally the nougat is cut ready for wrapping if it last that long.