Year 1921

Our Founder – John David Lowrey

The first of our baked goods where produced from our retail bakery, originally servicing locals in our small rural community our Forefathers could not have imagined that nearly one hundred years later their family recipes would be known through-out the world.

Year 1932


A decade later and Lowery is expanding it business to supply baking to retailers in the larger Provinces through-out the North Island of New Zealand.

Year 1939

The War Years

1939 - 1944 The War years and Lowrey was supporting the nations efforts by supplying bread and baked goods to the men training ahead of their deployment oversea and at home.

Year 1949


Following Mr Lowrey's return from service in the second world war he was eager to recreate many of the wonderful baked goods and confectionery he had experienced. One of his favorites was Nougat, mixing traditional ingredients and methods with local dairy products Mr Lowrey produced a product which he felt was superior to those he had sampled in Europe.

Year 1955

Feeding our neighbors

New Zealanders agreed with Mr Lowrey's opinion of his product, production had increased many times and the Nougat was available in retail store through-out New Zealand. Mr Lowrey's attention then turned to export and the first of many shipments left for Australia.

Year 1960


1960's By now confectionery was the main business interest for the family, the bakeries had be sold on as the family continued to grow the confectionery business with the nougat as the star.

Year 1970

The next generation

1970's Control of the business was firmly in the hands of the next generation and the focus was on maximizing production. New plant and machinery to modernize production and maximize opportunities.

Year 2010

Back to the future

Having grown up with stories of the family roots and having tasted many of the family recipes baked by their mothers and grandmother, the latest generation decided it was time to share the best of their families recipes with the world. Concerned about the amount of additives and packaging around many of the biscuits they were determined to bring a wholesome and genius product to the market. Like all Lowrey products their Butter Cookies and Shortbread contain nothing artificial.